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You have worked hard all of your life, now it’s time to sit back, relax, explore the world, start a new hobby and spend time with your grandchildren.

During retirement you don’t want to be concerned about the financial markets, or worried about the impact of foreign economies, such as China or the United States, on your retirement funds and retirement income stream.

Above all, the last thing you need on your mind are those daunting questions like;

  • Do I have enough money to maintain my present lifestyle?
  • Is my retirement money adequate?
  • Will my money run out?
  • Will I be able to fund medical essentials in retirement?

Case Study – Summary

In 2007 Gary and Sue consulted with Elliot Watson Financial Planning for advice to build wealth for their retirement.

Gary and Sue were both determined to retire on their 65th birthdays – Gary retired in 2012 and Sue commenced her retirement in 2015.

Gary and Sue were looking for professional support and strategic guidance along with both financial and investment advice to ensure their retirement lifestyle was adequately funded – when the time came.

Being able to afford regular travel both overseas and throughout Australia were essential goals for Gary and Sue throughout their retirement.

Now, in retirement, Gary and Sue are wanting to ensure their capital is adequately protected from adverse financial risk and able to grow and continue to produce the income stream they need to maintain their retirement lifestyle – both now and in the future.


  • Capital preservation
  • Regular and reliable income
  • Maintaining lifestyle during retirement
  • Regular travel – overseas and domestic
  • Ensuring government entitlements, such as Centrelink benefits, are identified and accessed.

How Did Elliot Watson Financial Planning Help?


Working together with Gary and Sue, in the lead up to their retirement, we identified a number of strategies that would assist them to accumulate wealth and minimise tax.

Post Retirement

When Gary and Sue retired, we continued to work with them to identify the appropriate investment strategies for their risk profile and develop an investment portfolio, focused on capital preservation and regular income generation.

The portfolio has met Gary and Sue’s expectations and provided the desired result. Gary and Sue meet regularly with their adviser to review their portfolio and ensure their investment strategies remain appropriate and on track.

Value of Advice

Gary and Sue are more than happy with their retirement portfolio and its management.

Our professional services allow them to get on with retirement and enjoy their life without the worry and stress of financial management. Gary rides his bike every day while Sue is always busy having dinner dates with her many friends. They go on regular holidays and have enough money every week to live and enjoy life the way they have planned.

We look after everything for them. When they need something or, have a question, all they need to do is give us a call.

Client Review

“With Elliot Watson Financial Planning’s help we have been able to retire comfortably and live the life doing what we love. We don’t have to worry about the markets or what’s going on in the world, our adviser does all that for us. He is a great support to us and we are grateful for everything he has done and will do for us.”

Gary & Sue

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