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Elliot Watson - Financial Planners in Newcastle

More choices, more enjoyment and more opportunity. At Elliot Watson Financial Planning, we are here to help you achieve the financial freedom needed to realise your life’s goals.

Our experienced financial planners in Newcastle are ready for your call. Contact us for reliable recommendations and advice today.


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Elliot Watson Financial Planning

What is financial planning? Do you need a financial adviser in Newcastle?

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Wherever you are in your financial journey, Elliot Watson Financial Planning wants to help you achieve more. We provide holistic advice to help you achieve the things that are most important to you.

We look at each financial facet of your life to guide you down the path to success. Learn more about our Newcastle financial planning services.

Superannuation And SMSF

Superannuation & SMSF

Superannuation is the number one investment method for Australians to fund their retirement. Our financial advisers in Newcastle can maximise your savings and prepare for a more fruitful future.

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Investment Planning And Wealth Creation

Investment Planning & Wealth Creation

“Wealth” means different things to different people. We want to help maximise your investments and ensure you can afford the life you want to live. Achieve success with Elliot Watson Financial Planning.

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Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Get more peace of mind by protecting the things that are most important to you. Personal insurance will help you plan for an ever-changing future and will ensure you are still able to look after your family, no matter what happens.

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Aged Care Financial Advice

Aged Care Financial Advice

Transitioning a loved one into aged care can be an emotional and stressful time. Our financial planners in Newcastle can simplify the process and ensure you make appropriate, well-considered decisions.

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Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just having a will. In the event of your death or loss of capacity, estate planning will ensure you and your family are protected and provided for in the most effective way.

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Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

Budgeting & Cash Flow Management

Are you asking where all your money is going? Our financial planners in Newcastle can help you understand how you’re spending your money and develop strategies to better manage your cash flow.

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Capital Growth & Income Generation

Capital Growth & Income Generation

Owning a home is one of the great Australian dreams, but it’s getting harder and harder to achieve. Our financial planners can assist by helping you develop your long term goals and create a plan for wealth creation.

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Watson Morga

Debt Management & Mortgage Advice

Feel like your debts are getting out of control? Our financial planners can provide recommendations and advice to replace several debts into one loan that’s easier to manage.

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Why choose Elliot Watson Financial Planning

As a team of highly skilled and passionate people, the Elliot Watson Financial Planning team work tirelessly to help you achieve more.

Our excellence and dedication have been recognised on a national stage winning Practice of the Year in 2018 and Risk Practice of the Year 2017. However, our greatest achievement is your achievement.

We gain the most satisfaction when we see our clients achieve their goals. Contact us for more information about our tailored financial advice in Newcastle, Singleton and Maitland.

"Our driving passion is working with clients to help them achieve their ‘more’.”
Happy Clients
Retire In Style
Amazing Holidays
Growing Families

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Awards Finalist

Elliot Watson Financial Planning finalists in the Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards 2024

Elliot Watson Financial Planning has been named as a finalist in the Hunter Region Business Excellence Awards 2024 in not one but two categories: Financial & Real Estate Services and Kirsten Smith our Client Service Officer for Customer Service Individual.…

When considering using the services of a Newcastle financial planner people want to know that their adviser has the necessary qualifications and experience to help them achieve their goals. Over the years working in financial planning our team has come across many frequently asked questions which we have answered below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us on 02 4038 1623.

1. How much contact do your financial planners have with clients?

The financial planners at Elliot Watson Financial Planning have regular contact with their clients to ensure they are progressing well with their financial plan and to ensure any changes to their circumstances, government policy, international markets or improvements in technology are considered and factored into their plan if appropriate.

The frequency of contact you have with your financial planner will depend on the service level you select. The options include comprehensive, standard or passive. Our adviser will explain the differences in the service levels to you during your initial consultation.

2. How do you charge for your financial advice?

At Elliot Watson Financial Planning we will charge a fee for service. This fee will be disclosed to you at the earliest opportunity and no work will commence until we have your agreement to do so. In some cases, you are able to have the fee debited from your superannuation account.

3. How do your financial advisers choose what to recommend to clients?

Our financial planners will only know which products and services to recommend to you once they have sat down with you and explored your current financial position and identified your goals. Everyone has a unique set of circumstances, so what might be appropriate for one person may not be appropriate for another. Your financial planner will make recommendations based on your circumstances and what suits your needs.

4. Are your financial planners members of any industry and / or professional bodies?

Yes. Elliot Watson is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® (CFP®) and a member of the Financial Planning Association (FPA) Jose Hernandez is also a member of the FPA.

FPA membership is dependent on advisers adhering to a code of ethics and professional conduct. The standards imposed by the FPA are considered world-class and hold financial planners to a higher standard than the requirements set out in the financial planning regulations.

Click to read the FPA Code of Ethics

Gary Watson is a member of the Law Society of NSW and a member of the Hunter Valley Charter of The Law Society of NSW.

5. Can your financial planners provide a second opinion?

You may have already seen a financial planner and desire a second opinion to ensure you are comfortable with the advice. The financial advisers at Elliot Watson Financial Planning can provide you with a second opinion to help you with your financial decision making. It is important that the relationship you have with your financial adviser is built on trust.

6. Do you have any conflicts of interest?

No, under current legislation our financial advisers have a fiduciary duty to place their client’s interests ahead of their own at all times. Elliot Watson Financial Planning’s high ethical standards also prevents its financial planners from providing advice where there is a conflict of interest.

7. Where do you have your meetings?

Ideally it is always best to have meetings in an office environment as it removes the potential for distractions, but we can also accommodate online meetings where required. We have offices in The Junction and Singleton.

COVID-19 Update:

During COVID-19 we are having meetings online.  However, our preference is for initial meetings to be held face-to-face.  We have COVID-safe measures in place.

8. How long does an initial consultation go for and what does it cost?

The goal is to determine if we want to work together. Financial planning is a two-way street so it is vital for both parties to establish trust and open and honest communication. Without these two important elements the best financial plan in the world is worthless if we can’t work together to implement it. An initial consultation will go for approximately 60-90 minutes. However if we decide to proceed the meeting may go longer as we collect the data outlined in the Things to Bring page.  The cost of the initial consultation is $495 (incl. GST).

10. Can you help me with my mortgage?

Our advisers are authorised to provide advice on debt reduction and cash flow management however they are not authorised to provide advice on mortgage products, this is reserved for those with a mortgage brokers license.

Elliot Watson Financial Planning works with a subsidiary Watson Mortgages, a mortgage broker and can refer you to them for support on mortgage products. Your adviser will help liaise with Watson Mortgages to help you get a good combination between strategy and product. Having your financial planner and mortgage broker openly communicate is beneficial for you.

11. Can you help me with my tax return?

No, financial planners cannot do tax returns. You must be a registered tax agent in order to give tax advice.  Elliot Watson Financial Planning has a strong relationship with an accountant and can refer you to them for support.

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