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Capital Growth
& Income

Grow your wealth and achieve your goals. Get strategic advice around the implications of investing in property and alternative investment vehicles.

Capital Growth & Income Generation
Capital Growth & Income Generation

Achieve your property and investment dreams

Owning property is one of the great Australian dreams. However, in recent decades this dream has become harder and harder for working Australians to achieve. The team at Elliot Watson Financial Planning can help you consider all your options when purchasing a home or investment property.

When considering property for wealth creation there are several factors which you need to consider including:

Your long-term goals – what is your priority: income generation, capital growth, tax benefits?
Taxation – rental deductions, negative gearing and capital gains all need to be considered for return on investment.
Location – unlike other investments, physical location is key to capital growth and irrespective of your purpose of investment (forever home or investment) emotion should be taken out of the equation.
Alternatives – could your money gain a higher return invested somewhere else? What is the opportunity cost of investing in property?

Helping Newcastle and the Hunter residents achieve their property and investment dreams.

Feel confident in your property investment decisions

When contemplating purchasing either a home or investment property Elliot Watson Financial Planning can help guide you in your strategic financial decision making.

Your specialist adviser at Elliot Watson Financial Planning will work through questions like:

  • How much of a deposit is enough?
  • Should we rent or buy?
  • Should we buy an investment property?
  • What sort of loan should we get? Interest only or principle and interest?
  • Should we take out a fixed or variable loan?
  • What are the benefits of property investment?
  • What are the negatives of property investment?
  • Should I/we do negative gearing? What is negative gearing? Go to Borrowing to Invest to learn more.
  • What would happen to our home if I lost my job or had a health condition or an accident? Go to Personal Insurance to learn more.

There are many strategic decisions to be made when building wealth through property. The team at Elliot Watson Financial Planning is here to help you make decisions that align with your investment goals.

Client Situation

Jason and Chloe were a determined young couple. They had big dreams to buy a block of land and build a new home, pay for an extravagant wedding and honeymoon, plus plan for a family. The combination of big dreams and existing debt meant that for Jason and Chloe the reality of achieving their goals was not realistic, but they were determined to get their new home. That’s when they decided to consult Elliot Watson Financial Planning.


On the advice and guidance of our specialist adviser, Jason and Chloe implemented a recommended savings plan and obtained additional funds from a new source suggested by our adviser. The larger deposit amount enabled Jason and Chloe to increase their purchasing power to buy their new home. Not only were they able to spend more on their home, they also reduced their mortgage by $150,000.

Nearly a year on Jason and Chloe are enjoying their home, are about to tie the knot and are saving $5,000 per month.


We’ve learnt that to achieve all the things that matter to us in life, we need to be financially stable. Elliot Watson Financial Planning has helped us to secure our future. We also received a lot of property advice options and what the best fit for us is.

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