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Investment Planning and Wealth Advice

Maximise your investments and achieve your wealth creation goals with specialist advice from the advisers at Elliot Watson Financial Planning.

Investment Planning and Wealth Creation
Investment Planning & Wealth Creation

Achieve the financial freedom and lifestyle you want

Wealth means different things to different people, but we believe the real measure of being ‘wealthy’ is being able to afford the lifestyle you want to live. Maximising your investments is what helps grow your wealth and makes your lifestyle goals possible.

Investment planning and wealth creation go hand in hand. Working together they help you become wealthier through buying and sometimes selling assets that provide an income while you own them and increased capital when you sell them. Successfully investing is not merely deciding on where to invest your money, you also need to consider:

Your other assets and the diversification of your entire portfolio
The tax implications
Your risk tolerance
Timeframe of investment

Our Newcastle, Singleton and Maitland advisers take a holistic view of your current assets and future investment plans when advising what is the most appropriate investment strategy for you.

We can help residents in Newcastle and the Hunter achieve their wealth creation & management goals.

Feel confident in your investment decisions, achieve your goals

When wealth creation is considered as part of your broader financial plan greater results can be achieved. An ongoing relationship with your adviser helps to ensure that your investment strategies move with your changing circumstances. Our team of advisers will help support you and keep you on track by establishing a plan and investment portfolio that considers your needs, objectives and minimises your exposure to risk. Depending on your specific goals they can help you with:

Developing a savings plan
Tailoring an investment plan for your needs (combining where suitable a combination of managed funds, property investment, direct shares, cash/ fixed interest)
Consolidating and growing your superannuation

Client Situation

Paul and Marg had worked hard for many years and retirement was on the horizon, however, after spending most of their working life raising a family and paying off a mortgage, their superannuation was far lower than ideal. They started to think about the lifestyle they wanted in retirement and whether their superannuation was adequate to fund their retirement.


Payout mortgage
Travel both domestically and overseas now and in retirement
Build-up superannuation
Retire no later than 65 and most importantly maintain lifestyle at retirement

Value of Advice

Our adviser analysed Paul and Marg’s present circumstances and identified the ongoing financial objectives needed to reach their goals. The adviser developed and put in place the essential wealth building strategies to achieve their desired outcome for retirement. By implementing retirement accumulation strategies, our adviser significantly reduced the clients’ annual income tax liability and significantly increased their potential to grow retirement savings while maintaining their current lifestyle.

The financial and investment strategies put in place allowed the clients to accumulate the necessary wealth to fund their retirement lifestyle. As a result, they regularly travel and enjoy life to the fullest.

The estate planning strategies will allow the retirement assets to be distributed in accordance with both clients wishes.

Client Review

We knew we were behind with our retirement savings but with advice we received things are looking good, we are excited and very much looking forward to retirement knowing that we can do all the things that we have been talking about for so long. The only other thing we need is grandchildren!

Investment Planning & Wealth Creation
Investment Planning and Wealth Creation
"We are excited and very much looking forward to retirement knowing that we can do all the things that we have been talking about for so long.”
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