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Budget Planning &
Cash Flow

Get on top of your finances with advice from our budgeting and cash flow management specialists at Elliot Watson Financial Planning.

Budgeting & Cash Flow Management
Budget & Cash Flow Management

Regain control of your finances

Have you ever asked yourself this question “where does all my money go?” If the answer is yes, then working with one of our advisers at Elliot Watson Financial Planning could benefit you.

Our team understands the financial pressures that Australians face. They understand that keeping on top of bills can be difficult particularly for young families where they are more likely to have only one income. Working with you, our advisers can help you understand where your money is going and develop strategies to better manage and/or increase your cash flow.


Budgets are the most effective tool for getting on top of your bills. A budget doesn’t have to be a scary word it is merely a tool that can help give you clarity. Knowing where your money is going is half the battle. When you know where your money is going you can then make decisions about your spending behaviour.

Our cash flow management advice can help residents in Newcastle and beyond.

Stop living week to week, start saving

Our specialist advisers will work with you, help keep you accountable and provide you with strategies to get ahead quicker. They will assess your current financial situation and guide you on the most appropriate strategies to control your cash flow. They will answer questions like:

Should I be saving? If so, how much?
How can my partner and I work together get ahead?
Should we consolidate our debts?

The key points to getting on top of your cash flow are:

Have a budget – know where your money is going.
Start today. No excuses.
Take responsibility for your choices.
Patience and discipline – it will take time.

The sooner you start the better off you and your future will be. Our Newcastle, Singleton and Maitland team will be with you every step of the way.

Client Situation

James and Deanna were a young couple that had been struggling to start a family. The pressure of trying to start a family was having a massive impact on them, both emotionally and financially. Financially their weekly expenses had almost surpassed their weekly income and having a child was becoming too expensive and unrealistic.

It was at this point James and Deanna felt they had no option, but to seek assistance and came to see Elliot Watson Financial Planning.


Our debt management specialist advisers, developed a personalised long-term strategy that immediately provided $600 per week to fund James and Deanna’s required IVF treatment and freed up an additional $263 per week for the clients to use towards savings for a holiday.


We now have a plan that has got our debt under control, our superannuation accounts are tidied up and we can afford to pay for IVF with savings rather than credit, which is very important to us.

Budget & Cash Flow Management 2
Budgeting & Cash Flow Management
"We now have a plan that has got our debt under control.”
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