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Client Situation

Jason and Chloe were a determined young couple. They had big dreams to buy a block of land and build a new home, pay for an extravagant wedding and honeymoon, plus plan for a family. The combination of big dreams and existing debt meant that for Jason and Chloe the reality of achieving their goals was not realistic, but they were determined to get their new home. That’s when they decided to consult Elliot Watson Financial Planning.


On the advice and guidance of our specialist adviser, Jason and Chloe implemented a recommended savings plan and obtained additional funds from a new source suggested by our adviser. The larger deposit amount enabled Jason and Chloe to increase their purchasing power to buy their new home. Not only were they able to spend more on their home, they also reduced their mortgage by $150,000.

Nearly a year on Jason and Chloe are enjoying their home, are about to tie the knot and are saving $5,000 per month.


We’ve learnt that to achieve all the things that matter to us in life, we need to be financially stable. Elliot Watson Financial Planning has helped us to secure our future. We also received a lot of property advice options and what the best fit for us is.

– Jason and Chloe

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