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Debt Management & Wealth Creation – Client Solutions

Client Situation

James and Deanna were a young couple that had been struggling to start a family. The pressure of trying to start a family was having a massive impact on them, both emotionally and financially. Their weekly expensive had almost surpassed their weekly income and having a child was becoming too expensive and unrealistic.

It was at this point James and Deanna felt they had no option, but to seek assistance and came to see Elliot Watson Financial Planning.


Our debt management specialist adviser, developed a personalised long-term strategy that immediately provided $600 per week to fund James and Deanna’s required IVF treatment and freed up an additional $263 per week for the clients to use towards savings or a holiday.


We now have a plan that has got out debt under control, our superannuation accounts are tidied up and we can afford to pay for IVF with savings rather than credit, which is very important to us.

– James and Deanna

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