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“I fully recommend Jose because he’s easy to get along with. He’s not flappable, like if I have to ask several questions over and over again. Jose and the team have provided a plan to move forward with income and goals.”

Rating: 5

“We had some notions ourselves but I think what Elliot gave us was the clarity and confidence to be able to move forward with our finances.”

Rating: 5

I don’t know how he did all the things he did, but we got it all through and set up in time, which was a huge relief…

Rating: 5

I can see the results over the past few years and everything’s trending the way I want it to be.

Rating: 5

I needed a plan to set up for retirement and was referred to this organisation by my nephew, I have had excellent support and advise, and nothing but easy communication. Would recommend to anyone for financial advice. (Adviser Jose Hernandez)

Rating: 5

“The benefit of having someone with the correct knowledge to guide my future investments to enable me to have my desired retirement lifestyle with enough wealth to pass to my children.”

(Female, 68 years old from NSW, $550,001 to $650,000)

“The financial advice we have received from Elliot has enabled us to achieve financial peace of mind and as a result a great retirement.”

(Male,64 years old from NSW, More than $1 million to $3 million))

Rating: 5

We knew we were behind with our retirement savings but with Elliot Watson Financial Planning’s help things are looking good, we are excited and very much looking forward to retirement knowing that we can do all the things that we have been talking about for so long. The only other thing we need is grandchildren!

Rating: 5

We were lost, didn’t know what to do. Elliot Watson Financial Planning got us a plan to achieve all of our goals – we bought a house, got married and had an amazing honeymoon.

Rating: 5

Thanks to Elliot Watson Financial Planning I have a plan in place to help me get ahead, grow my wealth and still have fun along the way.

Rating: 5


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Starting Out

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