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The Royal Commission – Open Letter From Elliot Watson FP

2nd May 2018

To the Clients of Elliot Watson Financial Planning,

I, like many Australians, have been intently observing the royal commission into misconduct in the banking and financial sector. Whilst the royal commission has not yet handed down any findings, it is already evident that there are some bad apples in the industry and there is a need for a cultural change within the big banking institutions. I understand that these revelations may cause concern and raise questions for some of my clients.

I would like to take this time to assure you that Elliot Watson Financial Planning has always, and will always, abide by the most stringent ethical and regulatory standards. Elliot Watson Financial Planning is my small business. This means that I am responsible for my clients and the financial advice given to them. My business succeeds based on my reputation and the quality of the advice provided. My focus, legal and ethical responsibility, is to do what is in the best interest of each of my clients. I take great care and pride in the advice I compile and the relationships I form with each of my clients.

I am a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) which is the highest designation in my field. It also means that I already meet the majority of the new education requirements which come into effect from 1 January 2019 for financial planners. Although, like everyone, I will be required to do some bridging courses. I am degree qualified, holding a Bachelor of Economics, and I undertake regular mandatory and voluntary professional development to maintain my CFP credentials. I recently was awarded Retire Invest 2017 Risk Adviser of the Year and I previously won 2013 NSW Charter of Financial Planning Value of Advice Award.

Whilst this is a difficult period for the financial sector, my hope is that the royal commission findings help develop a more transparent and customer focused industry. I understand that the royal commission may raise some questions. I implore you to give me a call if you have anything you would like to discuss to help allay your concerns.

Kind regards

Elliot Watson
Elliot Watson Financial Planning

Elliot Watson

Elliot Watson*

Elliot Watson is an award-winning Certified Financial Planner with over 15 years' experience. He is passionate about helping people grow and protect their wealth.

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